Wound Measurement Devices

Wound Measurement Devices

Flow sheets, labels, measuring tapes, skin markers, tracing materials, and other products specifically designed for wound assessment, measurement and documentation. Tracings are used to measure the surface of a wound and provide a clear, visual picture of how a wound appears without the use of a camera. Wound measurement tools are used to determine length, width, and depth. They are available in a wide variety of materials including plastics, paper, or soft film and as single-patient use.

Measuring Stick

  Latex-Free Prevent reactions in patients with a latex allergy when you use these Wintape paper measuring tapes. They are made without latex to make it easier to accommodate people with allergies in your office, so you and your staff can provide the best level of patient care. Medical Clinical Trials Usage Paper Tape Measuring…

Drill Bit Adapter Tool

1/4″Hex Shank 65mm Socket Magnetic Nut Driver Set Power Drill Bit Adapter Tool 1) Powerful magnet holds nut or bolt firmly in setter, lets you set one-handed in hard-to-reach areas 2) Makes setting small nuts and bolts a snap with super-handy magnetic nut setters 3 )Hex-shank design allows you to quickly change sizes, provide sure…