Wound Measurement Devices

Wound Measurement Devices

Flow sheets, labels, measuring tapes, skin markers, tracing materials, and other products specifically designed for wound assessment, measurement and documentation. Tracings are used to measure the surface of a wound and provide a clear, visual picture of how a wound appears without the use of a camera. Wound measurement tools are used to determine length, width, and depth. They are available in a wide variety of materials including plastics, paper, or soft film and as single-patient use.

Walking Meter Measuring Wheel

1.Introduction: Measuring wheel also called mechanical ranging car or digital distance measuring wheel.it is widely used to measuring distance in professional surveying and mapping work,road engineering,landscape planning and design,golf course and lanes ect. 2.Main Parameter: Item No.: WT-27 Place of Origin: FOSHAN,CN Measurement Range: 0-10000FT Measurement Accuracy: 99% Wheel diameter: 318mm Max.counting speed: 360R/MIN Extend…

Weighing Your Horse

The most accurate method of weighing your horse is on an equine specific weighbridge, which will provide an accurate calculation of bodyweight. However, these facilities are not widely accessible. A public weighbridge may be available but this environment may not be very safe to unload a horse in. Public weighbridges are normally designed for larger…