high quality measuring tape

High Quality Measuring Tape

Let’s talk about this high level mini steel tape today.

It is small and has a keychain.

Every single part of this item shows a word.


Yes,you can not deny it.

The commom style of mini steel tape measure in maket.The tape inside is white color,flat,boring.

That is the only one with curve tape,it makes the retract function much smooth.

The silver color is very Luxurious.Luxurious.Luxurious.

Ok,enjoy the following pictures.

Lovely Pink Body Measuring Tape


  • 100% Eco-friendly Material
  • Easy to Handle The Change of Your Body
  • Detailed Description Included
  • It Can Use for A Long Term
  • Lovely Colors in availible

bwt-007 pink waist tape (1) pink waist tape (8)

1.By pressing the button in the center,pull the end of the tape around the body part you wish to measure.

pink waist tape (9)pink waist tape (12)


2.Lock the rod at the end of the tape forming a circular tape wrapping the body part.


pink waist tape (15)
3.Press the button in the center,and let the tape retract to fit snuggly on your body.
Finally,you have your measurement,read and record the measurement on the tape to see the size of that body part.

pink waist tape (14)



Disposable Paper Tape Measure

The Wintape paper measuring tapes are disposable and latex-free for added safety.

This paper measuring tape 60 features inches on one side and centimeters on the other. The Wintape disposable paper measuring tapes come with a blank space to write patient’s name, weight, date and more. For added convenience, these Medline disposable paper measuring tapes are have centimeters labeled on one side and inches on the other.

Set of 3 Sewing Measuring Tape

“These are very good quality thick, .018″, PVC. I chose these because they have Imperial and Metric on the same side. They also have Imperial only (1/16th inch) markings on the reverse. They are marked to 60″ with a 4 3/8” (125mm) tail on the big end that says “Your Logo Here”. The markings are more of a light gray than pure white. They are crisp and quite easy to read. The seller threw in a couple of goodies which included a “paper” tape (Metric only) which appears to be made of FedEx envelope type material. I have considered these “disposable paper tapes” in the past but worried about their durability. They are back on my consideration list. Shipping wasn’t bad at all. 7 days from day of order to my door.”

– Mike Lawhorn