Medical Promotional Gifts Tape Measure

Medical Promotional Gifts

Why need to measure baby’s head circumference?                                         

It is necessary for doctors and parents to observe the development of baby’s brain.This type of tape measure is usually used in medical field or parental daily health care.

Self Adhesive Measuring Tape

Self Adhesive Measuring Tape

Sticker Stickymeasure, A must have for every creative work space!! This self adhesive measuring tape is a handy tool that won’t take up any valuable space on your table. It is extra long to fit on any size work surface, just stick it to the edge of your table and cut off the excess.   This…

high quality measuring tape

High Quality Measuring Tape

Let’s talk about this high level mini steel tape today.

It is small and has a keychain.

Every single part of this item shows a word.


Yes,you can not deny it.

The commom style of mini steel tape measure in maket.The tape inside is white color,flat,boring.

That is the only one with curve tape,it makes the retract function much smooth.

The silver color is very Luxurious.Luxurious.Luxurious.

Ok,enjoy the following pictures.